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Let’s chart a new course for the Mediterranean, its wildlife and people!

Touching 21 diverse countries and three continents, the Mediterranean is a region rich in history and natural beauty. While much has changed since Aristotle made his first observations on bluefin tuna migration, other things remain the same. The sea is still central to our culture. It still nourishes millions of people and supports our economies.

But the once bountiful sea has been hit hard by overfishing, pollution, coastal over-development and habitat loss. We know the sea can recover if we ease the pressure. That’s why WWF is working to create a future for the Med where both people and nature thrive.

But WWF can’t do this alone. We need you: students, moms & dads, fishermen, tourists – everyone who loves the Med! Together we can tell the world what’s special about the Mediterranean and why we must take better care of its amazing natural resources. 

#MyBlueMed is an invitation by WWF to speak up for the Med. Show you care about the future of the Mediterranean Sea, its wildlife and the millions of people who depend on it.

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